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Trini Foundation Memberships

Trini Annual Membership is a new way for you to partner with and support Trini Foundation! Our members will not only help our life changing programs to continue, but will have exclusive access to merchandise, discounts, and the latest news on all things Trini. 




Trini Hero Annual Membership


Three Individual Tier Options: Ekam, Dve, Trini


Ekam: $100                                       

Benefits: Tumbler

Dve: $250                                          

Benefits: Yoga Saves Shirt & Merch Discount 10% off

Trini: $500                                         

Benefits: Shirt & 20% off Workshops/Retreats           


Trini Hero Studio Annual Membership

Studio Membership: $350   

Benefits: 10% off merch, certificate, & quarterly features in the Trini newsletter and on social media. 

Thank you to our generous sponsors:

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