Jeremy Deeks Memorial Scholarship

We have raised $1,463.00 of our $750.00  goal.

Jeremy was an artist in every sense of the word and brought creativity and care to everything he did. He was an academic, a poet, an environmental scientist, a musician, a philosopher, a cook, a friend, a conversationalist, among so much more. He was known for being an accepting and welcoming individual who saw his gifted mind as a means to connect with others. Many have memories of Jeremy through his love for music, whether it be dancing with him to live music, enjoying the sounds of his bass, guitar, or mandolin, or smiling to a CD of a live band he made for you. He built friendships through this passion, and it was a gift to share in this love with him.

Because of his welcoming nature and of his connection with others through music, his pool of friends seemed endless, and the loss of him in June 2018 was felt by all. While Jeremy left his mark on this world, he and his brilliant mind had so much more to give and to share, as do many others who are currently struggling with addiction. A scholarship through The Trini Foundation could help save a life and help someone heal and reconnect with themself.

Every day Jeremy is missed, and every day there is an opportunity to help those struggling. Donating to the Trini Foundation is one of those opportunities.

The Yoga House

Kingston, NY

Saturday, 9/16, 11:30am - 12:45pm

September is National Recovery Month. To celebrate the gains of those in recovery, Jacquelyn Nash is hosting a vinayas class to benefit the non-profit the Trini Foundation, an organization with the mission to teach those in recovery how to incorporate yoga into their lives as a tool for achieving long term sobriety. The donation is $25, and the entirety of your donation will go to the Trini Foundation through the Jeremy Deek Memorial Scholarship. 

It has never been more important to give to this cause, as overdoses surge across the nation. Your contribution will help the Trini Foundation bring yoga classes and support to those battling addiction.

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