Flo Sheffield

To this day my daily Ashtanga practice is a cornerstone of my continued sobriety.

We have raised $550.00 of our $5,000.00  goal.

I have been a yoga teacher since 2009 and as of today 11/11/2021 I am 2,083 days sober (five years and eight months) for those who like numbers like myself! I never thought I'd make this far; let alone be sober in my 40’s.

Ashtanga has played a very LARGE role in my recovery journey. I attended Taylor Hunt’s weekend workshop in Atlanta while I was still struggling to get sober in November of 2015. It took me another three months and two more relapses before I made it to my sobriety date. I had been battling with getting sober all of my 30s and after hearing Taylor's Dharma talk and reading his book I was intrigued as to how this specific practice could benefit my own recovery. To this day my daily Ashtanga practice is a cornerstone of my continued sobriety. Not only does this practice provide me with accountability and structure I very much needed, it has given me fellowship and community I didn't realize was missing in my life. Although I live in the South (Georgia), AYC is an extension of my own community. I attended the 1st Trini Foundation Forum in 2017 and then returned home to share its benefits to those in my own community. I have seen first-hand it help others begin and maintain their own journey of sobriety.

Through my own sobriety and ashtanga practice I have created a life I truly am grateful for. It has given me back a wonderful relationship with my spouse of eighteen years as well as strengthening my relationships with others.  Not only do I get to wake sober every day, but I also have the opportunity to share this gift with others in my sobriety circles as well as a being yoga teacher to those in recovery from all addictions (process addictions included). It is a gift I never take for granted.”

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