Heather Osborne

"We hope that our story opens to door to conversations on addiction and struggle, and to hope and healing."

We have raised $4,150.00 of our $10,000.00  goal.

Our story…. it seemed picture perfect…. Matt and I had a beautiful life, five beautiful children, and what seemed like a bright future ahead. He finished law school in two and a half years, he was so smart, even gifted I would say, and he was driven to help people, he always routed for the underdog. 

I am no stranger to addiction, my parents are/were addicts, sober now, but I learned all the signs and what to look for. I started to see it all in Matt as his addiction started consuming him. We had five small kids, babies really, I was in survival mode, he was using, and I was terrified. I was silent for years until the silence became unbearable. Matt tried hard to get sober, went to rehab many times, relapsed every time (one month in rehab is not enough to sober up from any addiction, especially opiates). After his last stay in rehab, I was hopeful, and then the pandemic hit. There is nothing worse for an addict than isolation. May of 2020 is when Matt overdosed, and we lost him. 

We miss Matt every day, he was a beautiful person, my best friend, an awesome dad, he was funny and playful and full of love. I hate that he struggled, that life became so dark for him, addiction can dim even the brightest people, the brightest lights. We hope that our story opens to door to conversations on addiction and struggle, and to hope and healing. And we hope to raise money for the Trini Foundation who offers yoga scholarships to addicts in recovery. The practice of yoga is transformative, it has been a daily form of therapy that has helped me and my children through our struggle. Yoga, used in conjunction with addiction treatment, helps patients overcome substance abuse disorders along with mental health issues. 

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