Joe Klein

We have raised $1,080.00 of our $20,000.00  goal.

"The power of community is one way to lift people up when their health is suffering but the natural inclination of people who are suffering from almost any form of ailment, addiction, or struggle is isolation. 

Since 2016, when I was diagnosed with a cancer in the Leukemia family, my first instinct was to keep it private and hide in my fear. Treatment and community ultimately cleared the path for me to manage the disease. Then in September 2021, it was discovered that I had pancreatic cancer. I recently joked with my mom that the cancer survivor forums won’t let you choose two cancers on their site. Major surgery and chemotherapy have been the journey I have been on since that diagnosis. I understand the process of recovery. I understand yoga as a practitioner (since 2000) and yoga as a teacher (since 2013) and my yoga practice has always pulled me through. 

My cancers could have easily led to a path with struggles with substance abuse and possibly addiction as I was prescribed an array of opiates and benzodiazepines. I have chosen the path of yoga in practice and study energetically and would like to share that with those in need. 

I have become familiar with the detrimental effects of addiction because my girlfriend, (Heather Osborne), and her family's loss of her ex-husband and the father of her 5 kids.  I have navigated a supportive place for her and her kids in their grief and journey to healing. I have seen her connection and work with the Trini Foundation since 2020 and I am honored to take part in fundraising for this cause. 

I’m a parent to two amazing daughters that I adore, they are now young adults. As a yoga teacher I have developed skills to cope with the daily, weekly and monthly teenage shenanigans, (which is also the same name of our favorite toy store from when they were younger). 

Being an ambassador for the Trini Foundation brings together my passion for teaching yoga, studying yoga, practicing yoga and creating a healthy community for healing. Namaste"

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