Sarah Nelson

"Today, I get to wake up and give thanks for the life that I live. Something I never thought possible."

We have raised $691.00 of our $5,000.00  goal.

“Hello! My name is Sarah Nelson. I’m the adult child of a person with a substance use disorder and a person in recovery. 

I’ve been surrounded by drug and alcohol abuse my entire life. My beautiful mother, Leslie, experienced a substance use disorder so powerful that it took her life when I was 13 years old. Multiple family members and friends through my life have lost their lives to drug and alcohol abuse, and I was following in their footsteps for 26 years of my life. I’ve always felt different from other people and fitting in meant that I needed to be drunk or high to be able to relate to others. Eventually this stopped serving me. I felt empty and alone. I wanted more out of my life and started searching for a deeper meaning. 

I had done yoga on and off for over ten years when into my first Ashtanga class, and I’ll never forget it. I was hungover and hurting. I didn’t sign up for class looking for anything more than a new workout routine, but I can now say that walking through the doors at AYC drastically altered my path forever. 

After practicing for a couple of months, I applied for a Trini Scholarship and quickly became a person who showed up every day at 6am to practice. Over time, I started to uncover pieces of myself that I had locked away. The pieces that allowed me to be loved, to trust, to stand up for myself, to be honest; pieces I had been missing since childhood. My Ashtanga practice had a way of splitting me open and showing me the spaces in my life that have been left unresolved. It gave me a glimpse of the work that I could start doing to break the generational curse of addiction. It Is uncomfortable, but necessary work. 

It never occurred to me that I would be able to teach yoga. I thought that your physical practice had to be “advanced”, but I’ve learned that teaching is actually about being of the greatest service to the whole rather than having a fancy physical practice. I’ve been gifted with the role of guiding folks through the Ashtanga method, as I have received it. Teaching has shown me that my purpose is to help people discover and challenge the stories that run their lives. This includes working directly with folks who are sober, sober curious, or in process of supporting a friend or family member in recovery. 

Today, I get to wake up and give thanks for the life that I live. Something I never thought possible. 

I am committed to supporting Trini Foundation in honor of my mother, Leslie, my cousin, Blake, and for the betterment of my future family.”

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