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What We Do

Virtual Yoga Studio

"COVID and the shutdown of my normal practice space hit me hard physically, emotionally, and financially. I kept up with my practice for the first few months, but eventually, the lack of community really got to me. I realized how much I need this practice, how much I need to integrate all 8 limbs into my life in order to be fully effective, and how much I need accountability."

Our virtual studio exists to help you overcome barriers to accessing classes at a physical yoga studio.  Classes are free for ALL Trini scholarship students worldwide and are offered for a small donation to others in the yoga community. Click here to view our schedule of beginner-friendly classes.

Scholarships are available to individuals in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction who demonstrate financial need. If you would like to apply for a virtual studio scholarship, please click here to complete the student questionnaire and scholarship application. You MUST complete both in order to apply. The application link will appear upon completion of the questionnaire.

 Please email for assistance.