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Yoga Tuition Scholarships

"I have been sober and going to Ashtanga classes when I can. I have found it really hard to be able to afford even in sobriety. I have messed up my finances from drinking and am trying to rebuild my life. I am just afraid I won't be able to go to practice with teachers because I can no longer afford it."

The Trini Foundation offers monthly yoga tuition assistance to individuals in recovery through our nationwide scholarship program. We partner with Ashtanga studios across the country in an effort to expand access to the life changing practice of Ashtanga yoga. Full and partial scholarships are awarded based on student financial need. 

Please click here to complete the student questionnaire and scholarship application. You MUST complete both in order to apply. The application link will appear upon completion of the questionnaire.

Please click here if you are applying to renew your scholarship after the initial 3 month award.

Interested in becoming a partner studio? Please email