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"It has not only transformed my physical body - flexibility ang better circulation - incredibly Ashtanga has transformed my entire mindset, goals, and life through connection with my purpose in life. I have a goal to eventually travel to Mysore and practice at the institute."

  • Why Ashtanga Yoga?

    Ashtanga yoga is a therapeutic system designed to purify the body, promote proper functioning of the digestive system, build strength, and restore range of motion to the body. It is a transformative and healing practice. Our personal experience and programmatic successes demonstrate that Ashtanga yoga is highly effective in the recovery process because it combines:

    • Structure: Yoga postures are taught and practiced in an unchanging sequence, so that students begin to establish a healthy routine.
    • Growth: Daily practice makes progress easy for students to see.
    • Goals: As students grow and become more physically able, they experience increased confidence when they can do postures that once seemed impossible.
    • Focus: Students learn to use deep, even breathing and steady gazing in all postures, resulting in a calm mind and meditative state.
    • Therapeutic Benefits: The practice is designed to bring the body and mind into balance by improving circulation and digestion and building physical strength, stamina, and range of motion.
  • What does Trini mean?

    Trini is the Sanskrit word for three. In Ashtanga yoga, asana (which refers to the physical postures) is the third of eight limbs. We begin with asana as a technique to quiet our active minds. It offers an entry point into developing the other limbs of yoga, which include guidelines for living peacefully as well as techniques for breathing and meditation.

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