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Who We Are

Mission & History

"I'm here to heal and connect."

Founded by Taylor and Jessica Hunt, two recovering addicts turned yoga teachers, Trini Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to introducing the transformational practice of Ashtanga yoga to individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Our mission is to teach recovering addicts how to incorporate yoga into their lives as a tool for achieving long term sobriety. We are committed to changing the dialogue surrounding addiction and recovery - from one of isolation, to one of community and growth.

We begin our work in treatment centers so that the physical practice of yoga is introduced at the very start of a person’s path to sobriety. But we know that is not enough. The Trini Foundation is committed to supporting each student throughout the entire recovery process. After leaving treatment centers, students who want to continue incorporating yoga into their recovery efforts are eligible to apply for yoga tuition scholarships at studios across the country. Many students do apply, and some have even gone on to become teachers themselves!