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About Us

Frequent Questions

What is the Trini Foundation’s mission?

Trini Foundation is dedicated to helping people with substance use disorders find long-term recovery by building environments of physical, mental, and spiritual support through integrating recovery services with Ashtanga yoga and mindfulness practices. 


Why is Ashtanga yoga effective in supporting the recovery process? 

The life of an addict is one of invisibility and isolation. A person suffering in the grips of addiction often struggles to remain sober because of the misunderstanding and loneliness associated with the disease. Many recovery programs are designed to heal the individual from the outside in, by focusing on the physical body, their surroundings, and their environment. By integrating yoga and mindfulness practices into the recovery process, we offer an additional dimension of healing - from the inside out. We are committed to changing the dialogue surrounding addiction and recovery - from one of isolation, to one of community and growth.

Learn more at Why Ashtanga Yoga


What does Trini mean?

Trini is the Sanskrit word for three. In Ashtanga yoga, asana, which refers to the physical postures, is the third of eight limbs. We begin with asana as a technique to quiet our active minds. It offers an entry point into developing the other limbs of yoga, which include guidelines for living peacefully as well as techniques for breathing and meditation.


How can I get involved?

There are several ways to get involved, from helping with fundraising efforts, becoming an ambassador or hosting a donation class, to becoming a partner studio


How can I find a yoga studio that accepts Trini scholarships near me?

Visit Become a Partner Studio to find a complete list of studio locations.

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