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About Us

Why Ashtanga Yoga?

Founded by Taylor and Jessica Hunt, two recovering addicts turned yoga teachers, Trini Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people with substance use disorders find long-term recovery by building environments of physical, mental, and spiritual support through integrating recovery services with Ashtanga yoga and mindfulness practices. We are committed to changing the dialogue surrounding addiction and recovery - from one of isolation, to one of community and growth.

Why Ashtanga Yoga & Mindfulness

Addiction is often described as a disease of disconnection and isolation; while the word yoga means “union”. It refers to the union of mind, body, and spirit providing a holistic framework for recovery. Many programs are designed to heal the individual from the outside in, by focusing on the physical body, their surroundings, and their environment. By integrating yoga, meditation, and mindfulness techniques into the recovery process, we are able to offer an additional dimension of healing - from the inside out. We believe introducing the practice of yoga and mindfulness early in the recovery process helps to create a strong foundation because it combines: 


Yoga postures and mindfulness techniques are taught in an unchanging sequence so that practitioners begin to establish health routines.


As participants grow and become more physically able, they experience increased confidence as well as overall well-being.


Daily practice makes progress easy to see, and lessons learned on the mat can be translated into daily life.


Practitioners learn to use deep, even breathing and steady gazing in postures resulting in a calm mind and meditative state. These same techniques can be used in daily life to regulate breathing and trauma responses.

Therapeutic & Health Benefits.

The practice of yoga is designed to bring the body and mind into balance as well as broaden the emotional and spiritual capacities. The physical postures improve health by aiding in proper functioning of the internal organs, restores the nervous and endocrine system reducing stress and depressive symptoms, and increases self-awareness.

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