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Memorial & Celebratory Funds

"Every time I choose to show up regardless of how much I feel like sleeping or using, I am released of the intense craving and grounded by the yoga instructor's message. They are saving my life and giving me a freedom I have only received from yoga and meditation."

Raise $1,000 (or more) to establish a yoga scholarship fund honoring someone you love. This funds one (or more) student’s yoga journey for an entire year! You can contribute the entire amount yourself or set up a campaign to fund the scholarship among your friends and family. We’ll create a personalized campaign page. All you have to do is reach out to your donors!

Establish a memorial scholarship in the name of a loved one lost to addiction or a celebratory scholarship in the name of someone in recovery. (Yes, you can celebrate yourself!)

Please email for more details.

Contribute to an Existing Fund

Dustin Lemaster Memorial Fund

Matthew Hayes Osborne Memorial Fund

Nick Wright Celebratory Fund

Jeremy Deeks Memorial Fund

Nick Deorter "Soco" Memorial Scholarship

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