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Treatment Center Classes

"I am a worthy person who just has a troubled past and wants to get and stay well."

The Trini Foundation works with treatment centers and other recovery programs to bring the healing practice of Ashtanga yoga to individuals suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. We know that when a person first gets sober, it is just the beginning of a life-long journey. It’s the foundation’s mission to support the recovery process during this critical time. Classes are taught by experienced instructors who are prepared for the difficult situations and questions that may arise within the recovery community.


While we begin our work in treatment centers so that the physical practice of yoga is introduced at the start of a person’s path to sobriety, we know that is not enough. The Trini Foundation is committed to supporting each student throughout the entire recovery process. It is our experience that the breath and meditation-focused aspects of Ashtanga yoga provide valuable skills for navigating life’s difficulties. After leaving treatment centers, students who want to continue incorporating yoga into their recovery efforts are eligible to apply for yoga tuition scholarships at studios across the country. 

Interested in teaching inside treatment facilities? Email or check out the Ashtanga and Addiction Forum for training opportunities.

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